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Weird and Wonderful

A sweet tale about less popular bugs and the importance of not stepping on them. Includes a song and unusual instruments.

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Weird and Wonderful is my ninth audiobook. It was inspired by a story my sister told me and I felt compelled to write something about the bugs that are perhaps less popular than others such as slugs! The score has no conventional orchestral instruments which makes this story different from my others.

I decided to use unusual instruments such as the African Kalimba, Tapped Wine Glass sounds, the Pan Mallet, and some Jamaican instruments. This brought an interesting flavour to the sound of the composition. Cormac Mc Coy provided the voice of the centipede and did a great job with the song. I liked the way he sang it with an informative flare. The narrator, me, also had to sing the song at the end which I greatly enjoyed! Book Details.

Teaching Children About Insects

A template card of bugs for our Storytime

This story is slower and calmer than some of my other audiobooks. It is a good one to use for Storytime at the beginning of the school year when new children are still trying to settle in.

My mum came up with the idea of making little card bugs and getting the children to walk around them without stepping on them during the drama section. This is what the centipede's song is about. It's so cute when the children are trying not to step on the bug cards as we sing the song together!

This story is brilliant for teaching children about the particular insects in the audiobook and the cards also help to do this by providing visual aids.


At under 4 minutes long, Weird and Wonderful is great for toddlers, as Kathryn Svendsen from Shelf Full of Books suggested. I was pleased when she mentioned in her review, how much she liked the uncommon, non-traditional orchestral instruments in this audiobook. She awarded it with a fabulous 5 Star Rating!

Dawn Heslin from Bound4Escape recommends this story for parents and classroom use and likes the way it gives children a new perspective on bugs, even though they’re weird, they’re still wonderful! Priscilla Tan also awarded this story with a 5 Star Rating. Her website closed down but you can still read the review and see the rating here Priscilla and her Books.

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