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Weird and Wonderful Audio Release

Bedtime music audiobook available on retail and library platforms this May!

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I'm so excited to announce the release of my music audiobook, Weird and Wonderful, on retail and library platforms. For the first time, my popular Music Audio Story will be distributed globally! 🎉

Weird and Wonderful is a sweet Music Audio Story encouraging kindness towards animals.

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This is an original story about a centipede and his friends, a snail, a slug, and a spider. The centipede explains how we have to be careful not to step on little bugs. He sings a song about this, before tea and cake at his house.

Children will learn about the less popular insects, how many legs they have, and their textures. They will experience how these animals live from their perspective and the importance of us not stepping on them. Find out more about the story here Book Details.

Music audiobook length: 3:48 | Age: 3+
10% of All Music Audio Story Downloads will be donated to World Animal Protection via Work for Good

Buy on Etsy

Links to the story in shops will be posted on our social media platforms, as and when they appear. Don't forget you can get this story on Etsy as an MP3 download or in a Storytime Package, where you will also download fun interactive activities that go with the story. Here are some of the shops where you can get the story so far.

Apple Books | Barnes & Noble | Books-A-Million | Everand | Google Play | Libro

Your child will feel the calming, soothing effects of this soft and sweet-sounding music audiobook that is perfect for bedtime.

When your little one is tucked up cosy in bed, they will enjoy this soothing story.

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I was quite enamored with this latest offering. The use of non-traditional instruments was an inspirational addition to this story. The bugs after all are not the common, ordinary ones everyone loves and sings about, so the use of uncommon, non-traditional orchestral instruments fit perfectly and made beautiful music. Kathryn Svendsen - Shelf Full of Books

Expressive and entertaining. The music background is soothing and magical. The little song at the end will have your kids humming along while they're in the crib. Priscilla Tan - Priscilla and her Books


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