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Work for Good

A fundraising platform enabling businesses to donate to charity, legally.

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Anna Christina from Music Audio Stories - make dreams reality

Dear all,

I'm so excited about this blog post...

It has been a dream of mine to build a company where, through my products, I can share my love for music, audio, stories, animals, and insects, and fill children's hearts with inspiration and joy.

One of my aims is to help raise funds for various charities I am passionate about. It's time for me to 'make dreams reality' and I'm so proud this is now coming to light through Work for Good.

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Charities need more sustainable income to survive. Yet they are forced to turn away millions of pounds from businesses that want to raise funds through their sales. This is due to a necessary contract, which is expensive and time-consuming to produce. Trusted by thousands of charities, Work for Good is a fundraising platform enabling companies like mine, to donate to charity, legally.

I have decided that 10% of All Music Audio Story Downloads will be donated to World Animal Protection via Work for Good

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World Animal Protection exists to create a better world for animals. They have been protecting animals from needless suffering for more than 50 years. Through their work with animals in communities, in the wild, across farming industries, and in disaster zones, they bring a voice for animals to speak up and act against cruelty and suffering. They:

  • Influence decision-makers to put animals on the global agenda
  • Work closely with governments, the UN, businesses, and other animal welfare organisations
  • Are part of the big global debates on how we live together within the world’s resources now and in the future
  • Help to influence policies and practices to ensure animal protection is not forgotten
  • Inspire people and move communities to protect the animals we live with

We all have the power to improve animal welfare – by moving communities, governments, and businesses to stop animal suffering, we can build a movement to put the well-being of animals on the global agenda. Millions of animals are suffering right now. When did our world become so cruel? Does the life of an animal mean nothing at all?

Warning - there are distressing scenes of animal cruelty in the video below

Make A Donation

Thank you everyone for your continued support which allows me to support others. By purchasing a Music Audio Story download, your child will enjoy a wonderfully refreshing and fun take on musical storytelling, learn valuable lessons, and you can feel great about the fact that you have made a difference to the beautiful animals being helped by World Animal Protection.

Thank you!

???? Anna Christina

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