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YouTuber in the house!

Never fear, Storyteller here!

Anna Christina from Music Audio Stories filming YouTube videos image

We are in the third lockdown! But never fear, Storyteller here! I'm going to try my best to uplift everyone's spirits with my new videos!

I can't believe I'm a YouTuber! I have to admit, it wasn't plain sailing! Designing my set, choosing the right lights, angles, editing program, music, and words, took me weeks to get right.

Anna Christina from Music Audio Stories filming YouTube bloopers videos image

And then, I will tell you, just between us... many, many, many takes were filmed! ????

I was surprised how difficult it actually was! Especially as I have been a performer for all of my life, I didn't think it would be so hard for me! But sitting down, in front of a camera, and speaking to the world, is a different skill altogether!

However, the more videos filmed, the more relaxed I've become. By the time the last video was shot, I was off script and nailing it in one or two takes! I do laugh a lot during the filming of my videos though!

In my next video, out this Saturday, I will be telling you more about Music Audio Stories. Don't forget to make sure you have subscribed to my channel here Music Audio Stories YouTube Channel so you don't miss it!

And just in case you missed my first video, here it is!

I have more news but I will tell you about it in my next blog post...

Keep smiling!

???? Anna Christina


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