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Litter Bugs

A sweet story which teaches children problem solving, how to get along with others, and, of course not to litter!

Litter Bugs Cd cover image

I have no idea how I wrote this story, it simply popped out of my head! However I do remember that I wrote the entire score and song in a day. The Bug Club's song is so catchy, I found myself singing it everywhere I went. I got some pretty strange looks in the supermarket! 😆 When I write stories, I don't try to give them messages or educational elements. This just seems to happen, so I never analyze how I write them. I just let it all happen naturally. I love the simple message in this story because I have actually always disliked "Litter Bugs"!

Story Synopsis

Bugsville is a lovely town full of neat little houses, tidy gardens and very clean streets. There is never any litter around thanks to The Bug Club! The Bug Club are a group of friends who keep the town in good order. Together they sweep the streets and pick up any rubbish they see lying around and put it in the bins. One day they notice more and more litter in the streets and decide to investigate. This story includes an original classical soundtrack with a sweet little sing-along song and unique sound effects throughout.

Story length: 4m20s | Age: 2+

Character voices:

  • Thomas Meadows as Ben the Beetle
  • Cormac McCoy as Darren the Dragonfly and Simon the Slug
  • Lou-Lilâ Masson-Lacroix as Ladybird Louise
  • Adie Hardy as Collin the cockroach and Danny the Daddy Longlegs
  • Anna-Christina as Wendy the wasp
Adie Hardy recording the Bug Club's song in our audio book Litter Bugs image
Cormac Mc Coy recording the Bug Club's song in our audio book Litter Bugs image
Lou-Lilâ Masson-Lacroix recording the Bug Club's song in our audio book Litter Bugs image

Adie, Cormac Mc Coy and Lou-Lilâ Masson-Lacroix recording the Bug Club's song.

A child's drawing of our audio book Litter Bugs from Story Time image

Teaching Children

This story is so popular at Story Time and is one of few stories where I use props. I brought a soft bin and made "rubbish" with crunched up colourful paper so we could actually throw rubbish in the bin as we sing the song. The children absolutely love this and sometimes they do the activity so quickly, I have to throw the rubbish out of the bin again because the song is still playing and all the rubbish is already in the bin! 😂

Some of the drawings for this story have been fantastic. One little boy drew a picture of a road. I said to him "that's great but where's all the rubbish?" To this he replied "it's in the bin." I said "oh ok, but where are all the bugs?" He raised his eyebrows high and proudly said "they went home!" The teachers and I were laughing so much, he is a genius! On the left is his picture.

You can see lots of drawings here: Facebook Page Gallery.

Outstanding Reviews

This story received outstanding reviews and a 5 Star Rating. I particularly loved Rachel Bitmead's Blog post. She included her two daughters in her review and they both made us great drawings of the story which you can see here: Life of my family and me.

“I’m telling you, this song is insanely contagious! I guarantee you’ll be singing (and humming) along to this song! A tale with an important message.”Priscilla Tan - Priscilla and her Books

“Excellent lessons that are taught in such a fun and simple way that children don’t even realize they are learning a lesson. 5 stars out of 5.”Kathryn Svendsen - Shelf Full of Books

“Litter Bugs is not only a fun story to listen to but it teaches children problem solving, how to get along with others, and, of course, not to litter!.”Dawn Heslin - Bound4Escape

Behind The Scenes

This story was great fun to put together.

Listen to a sample of the story below

💜 Anna-Christina

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