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Blazing my own trail!

In my third video, I talk about why I called this company Music Audio Stories!

When I started out, I couldn't find any audiobooks which were merging original classical music, stories, sound effects, and rhyming styling like mine. I knew I couldn't call my creations "audiobooks", as that word only translates part of what they are. My audios are driven by the music, the music is created with the story simultaneously making it a crucial part of the listening experience. The narration and all of the characters' voices are also phrased with the score, making my stories seem more like songwriting than your standard audiobook.

Anna Christina from Music Audio Stories filming YouTube videos image

Through Music Audio Stories, I can create my own mini-movies, incorporating values I feel are important for children to learn. Children's education is important but so is teaching them a sense of self-belief, self-confidence, and encouraging their minds to explore a magical world within. To see their little faces light up when they hear my music audiobooks is magical for me! I love creating my products and seeing them at work.

I've had to carve out my own path as no one is doing what I am doing! There are many moving parts to Music Audio Stories and it's definitely a challenge to spin all my plates, but a challenge I love!

I'm blazing my own trail...

???? Anna Christina


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