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Fulham Fun

Children truly are my greatest teachers! Why? Read on...

It's been quite a long time since my last visit to Fulham Library and I couldn't wait to return once again with my new picture book, Billy Joins the Circus! The children's library was as I remembered it, full of wonderful books and beautiful artwork displayed everywhere you turn. I took some photos of the art displays and I will post them on Instagram but this blog post is about my Storytime with the children.

I was very happy to see that the library had displayed my poster on their noticeboards both outside and inside the library. They had even printed flyers to give to families which I appreciated. One of the reasons why I volunteer at libraries is to help keep libraries alive and buzzing. To bring families to the libraries and to support them so it's nice when they also make an effort to promote events and help to make them great too.

Music Audio Stories at Fulham Library - Storytime with Anna Christina poster image
Billy Joins the Circus picture book display at Fulham Library image
Music Audio Stories at Fulham Library - Storytime with Anna Christina poster inside of the library image

Families had already turned up when I arrived. I quickly set up so I would have time to chat with the parents and the children who were ready for my Storytime. I am always observing the children's reactions to my Storytime and my products. This is how I learn what works and what doesn't. Children truly are my greatest teachers!

Storytime with Anna Christina - Billy Joins the Circus picture book at Fulham Children's Library

I have noted that as soon as they see my picture book, they are immediately interested in the book and the things inside. Creating a book with a CD and an activity booklet makes things quite complicated but it's worth the hassle when you see how excited children are when they see it! I have come to realise that these are the very things that set this picture book apart from others.

I have also noted that librarians like the cover. They understand that this is not just a picture book but it's also a learning tool for both parents and teachers to use with little ones. You can tell at first glance that this is an unusual book by looking at the cover.

Billy Joins the Circus, like the next four books to follow, is not just for entertainment. Each book in the series will serve a purpose and will have corresponding activity booklets and CDs.

Children's Artwork

Billy Joins the Circus artwork image
Billy Joins the Circus artwork image
Billy Joins the Circus artwork image

Most of the children at my workshops like to take their drawings home but sometimes I am lucky and I get to keep them. I add their drawings to my art wall which you can see in my YouTube videos and I will be adding these new drawings too. Look out for them in my next video!

I'm sad my Library Book Signing Tour is coming to an end but I do have one more date left which is:

North Kensington Library

Date: Tuesday 18th October 2022
Time: 10:30 am - 11:15 am

Address: 108 Ladbroke Grove
W11 1PZ
Telephone: 020 7361 3010
Tube: Ladbroke Grove

Book Free Ticket Here

Free to attend but please book or sign up at the library
For children aged 2 - 7 yrs

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BIG thank you to Vaso, the wonderful staff at Fulham Library and all the families who attended my Storytime this week. It was brilliant!

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