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Kids Fun In May

Clowning about with the parents and children at Libraries is the best!

Music Audio Stories - Storytime with Anna Christina at Shoe Lane Library

What a wonderful week of storytelling at Merton and London Libraries for our Kids Fun May Library Events last week! The weather was lovely and sunny every day, which is very helpful when you are carrying lots of bags! I arrived at Shoe Lane Library bright and early on Tuesday 28th May to find lots of happy toddlers waiting for Storytime!

It was lovely to see some of the same families, who had also taken part in my Easter Egg Hunt Storytime last month, had returned for my May Storytime! All through the week, I saw familiar faces at various libraries which I found heartwarming. ????

As I have mentioned in other blog posts, the community atmosphere at Shoe Lane Library is brilliant and it is always a pleasure to do Story time here! They created this cute poster (on the left) and hung it up everywhere at the library which was great!

Music Audio Stories - Storytime with Anna Christina at Wimbledon Library

Wimbledon Library had a May display near the entrance of the library. It featured all of the fantastic events at the library and the staff had printed posters and made leaflets of our event and added them to their display.

I was a little concerned about attendance when I turned up at the library because there weren't many people on the sign-up form. However, by 10:50 am, the children's section of the library was buzzing and I ended up with a large group of parents and children! During the Half-Term holiday, attendance at libraries is unpredictable. I have had groups of 15 right up to 100 people in a library at once!

Next up was the Barbican Children's Library! On a sunny day especially, the views around the Barbican Centre are amazing! I snapped away on my phone as I walked towards the entrance... The last photo is the view from inside the centre on the second floor.

Barbican Centre image
Barbican Centre image
Barbican Centre image

Morning at the Barbican Centre.

After this beautiful walk into the library, I felt so energised and I couldn't wait to get started! Storytime was amazing, with everyone joining in and having fun. The children loved the activities I did with them and we had so much fun! After all of the circus jumping, dancing, and singing at the end, I needed a cup of tea! It was like a mini workout! 😆 (Story idea brewing in my mind!)

I ended my storytelling week at Chiswick Library and what a wonderful way to end a brilliant week of Storytimes! One of the highlights of the session for me was when a little boy gave me a big bear hug at the end. I asked him which part of my Storytime was his favourite bit, and he joyfully replied "All of it!" ✨

Outside of Chiswick Library image
Chiswick Children's Library image
Chiswick Library image

Wandering about at Chiswick Library..

Well done to all of the children who took part! I always feel a little sad when my Storytime events come to an end. However, we do have some very exciting and new events coming up which we are looking forward to!

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See you all soon again,

💚 Anna Christina


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