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Storytime Online Continues!

Music, sound effects, narration, voice-overs, cute illustrations, and animations!

Music Audio Stories - March of the Ants Storytime with Anna Christina Online video series image

I hope your little ones are enjoying my videos as much as I am enjoying creating them! We are halfway through the March of the Ants video series and I want to make sure you haven't missed any of the videos I have released since my last blog post! If you have, sit down comfortably with your little ones and enjoy these...

Activity Video Two

In my second activity video, children learn some fun facts about ants! My Storytime has always been about encouraging children to use their listening abilities as well as their imagination, but learning is also a strong theme throughout everything I do. I love to teach!

When I began putting together the March of the Ants video series, I knew I had to find a way to teach children the things I would teach them during my Storytime, and so creating a Fun Facts video was the perfect idea for this! Your little ones will love this informative video, with cute illustrations and sound effects.

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Activity Video Three

In my fun drawing video, children are inspired to create their own drawings and learn about colours in the process with my cute colour cards! Nurturing creativity and imagination is important for any child's development. Not only is art wonderful for this but creating art is also therapeutic. I had so much fun filming this drawing video! It was a challenge, as it had to be filmed in one long take because I was creating my drawing live but it was super fun!

Children naturally love to explore and be creative and I know how much they love drawing and colouring! This is why I created this video. I take children's education seriously but learning through play is one of the best ways to teach little ones! Your kids can create their own drawing, or you can download my free Sid the ant printable from here!

Grab some paper and colours and encourage your children to draw with me...

Get Kids Involved

Over the years, I have collected hundreds of children’s drawings from schools, nurseries, and libraries I have visited with my Storytime. Now your children can also get involved! Simply upload their artwork of one of my stories or the drawing they created with me during this video and post it on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook using #MusicAudioStories!

How lovely it will be to see everyone's artwork!

Here's my drawing...

Music Audio Stories presents: Storytime with Anna Christina Online - March of the Ants Video Series artwork image

Ok, let's be clear on something...

I never said I could draw! ????

But that's the great thing about art! It's all about expression, exploration, and fun! We don't need to be great artists to enjoy drawing or painting because it's about imagination and enjoyment! No matter who you are, or how busy you are, try to set about some time appreciating or creating art! You will feel uplifted and inspired when you do!

Don't forget to Download my freebies to get March of the Ants and the interactive activities to go with the story and share this event with anyone you know who has children, nieces, nephews, grandchildren, and anyone who loves storytelling!

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Only a few more videos in this series left!

???? Anna Christina


March of the Ants video series playlist below.

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