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Storytime with Anna Christina Online

A Storytime like you've never seen before! Watch this...

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After all the weeks of planning, scriptwriting, filming, editing and creating, I can't believe the March of the Ants video series is now in full swing! My first ever Storytime video came out this month followed by my first activity video! 🎉

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My exciting March of the Ants Storytime video hit over 100 YouTube views in less than a week and I received lovely messages from parents telling me how much their little ones enjoyed watching the video! ❤

With cute illustrations, by my awesome illustrator, Jenika Ioffreda, sounds, music, and animations, the video keeps little ones engaged throughout!

I can't even tell you how difficult filming this Storytime video was! ???? But at the same time, thoroughly enjoyable! Because there is so much going on in this music audiobook, I had to film it like a music video. It was difficult but so much fun!

Listening and Visual Game

When I began my YouTube journey, I racked my brain on how I could translate my Storytime online because it covers so many things. I had to create a plan on how I could incorporate all aspects, and so I decided to make a video series!

The second video in this series is my super listening and visual game! Listening is a crucial skill for young children to acquire. It's one of the basic building blocks of language and communication and, particularly in the early years of education. Listening is the main feature of my Storytime!

I found I could include even more things in the video format, such as helping children with reading skills too!


In my new Listening and Visual Game for kids, I have included sound effects, music parts, cute illustrations, and animations! Children will hear the sounds of instruments in the orchestra, taken from my soundtrack, and learn the name of each instrument. Plus, hear my cool sound effects in the story! Watch it with your little ones below...

Don't forget to Download my freebies to get March of the Ants and the interactive activities to go with the story and please share this event with anyone you know who has children, nieces, nephews, grandchildren, and anyone who loves storytelling!

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See you soon...

???? Anna Christina


March of the Ants video series playlist below.

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