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It's a wrap, folks.

As my second YouTube video series ends, I'm preparing for the next chapter!

Here is the last video in my latest YouTube video series! It has been a lot of fun talking about my Storytime and explaining how it all began. I hope you have enjoyed it! 💙

Anna Christina from Music Audio Stories on the set of her second YouTube video series image

If you missed any videos from this series, I have created a Playlist where you can see all of the videos in one place here Storytime - The Beginning.

Now that I have taken you through a short journey about my Storytime, it's time to turn my attention to the little ones!

On 15th May, I will be releasing my first Storytime video! ???? I can't tell you how excited I am about this! As I mentioned in my previews blog post, there isn't anything like my video online! It has not been a simple process as there were many elements that needed to be captured in order for my video to work. The great thing about having a video is that now, more children can enjoy my unique storytelling!

On to the next chapter...

???? Anna Christina


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