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Robert & Johnson

A fantastic Space adventure that explores the planets and our Solar System.

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In a forest called Forest Friendly, there lived a brown bear called Robert, and a badger named Johnson. They love to play guitar and banjo and sing cheerful songs. One day, they find a strange round metal object. It's a Spaceship! Before they know it, they are hurtling through Space and about to meet an alien!

This story includes an original soundtrack with a psychedelic space theme and a cheerful song. | Story length: 10.44

Robert and Johnson's Space Adventure is an epic Space story with an expansive psychedelic space-themed soundtrack. The lead characters in this story were inspired by the actors who play them. Their voice-overs were recorded at the same time, which was a great deal of fun! They also co-wrote the song they sing together at the end of the story and recorded their own instruments.

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Aris Tsigaras and Aaron John writing their song image
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Aris Tsigaras as Robert the bear and Aaron John as Johnson the badger, recording and writing


This music audiobook is a great way for children to learn about our Solar System. One of the best Storytime sessions I've had was at Gower House School. In one day I taught and made 84 children smile and laugh with Robert & Johnson's Space Adventure! It was AWESOME! 😀

I had five groups, including a group of 5-6, and 6-7 years old. I was completely out of my comfort zone because I mostly do groups of 2-4 year old. I made a great lesson plan to accommodate the older children and printed out a poster. They had already learned things about the planets but it made me very happy that I could teach them a few more things which they didn't know and the teachers were pleased. Their drawings were brilliant, look here 5-6yrs Gallery / 6-7yrs Gallery.

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Robert & Johnson's Space Adventure has not only impressed teachers but reviewers too! With a 5 Star Rating, Kathryn Svendsen wrote a fantastic review of the story in her blog Shelf Full of Books and made the audiobook one of her 'All-time favourite children’s books of 2015'! 🌠

Book Room Reviews highly recommends this audiobook and Dawn Heslin from Bound4Escape also has lovely things to say about it.

I loved creating this Space adventure and it certainly tested me in more ways than one as a composer and sound designer! I hope you enjoy listening to it...

???? Anna Christina


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