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Robert & Johnson

A Space adventure with a cheerful song. This story teaches children about our Solar System in an easy and fun way.

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Robert and Johnson is an epic Space adventure! I collaborated with the producer Adie Hardy on the score and ended up with an expansive psychedelic space theme. None of the orchestral instruments I normally use are in this particular section of music and we strived to make the piece as atmospheric as possible.

The lead characters for this story were inspired by the actors who play them. I recorded their voice-overs at the same time, which was a great deal of fun. They also co-wrote the song they sing together and played their own instruments.

The alien's voice was a real challenge! The actor Cormac, who recorded the voice-over, did an excellent job in shaping the character's voice and it worked extremely well with the script. Find out more about the story here Book Details.


Music Audio Stories are fun and teach positive values. This audiobook is a great way for children to learn about our Solar System. One of the best Storytime sessions I've had was at Gower House School. In one day I taught and made 84 children smile and laugh with Robert & Johnson's Space Adventure! It was AWESOME! 😀

I had five groups, including a group of 5-6, and 6-7 year old. I was completely out of my comfort zone because I mostly do groups of 2-4 year old. I made a great lesson plan to accommodate the older children and printed out a poster. They had already learned things about the planets but it made me very happy that I could teach them a few more things which they didn't know and the teachers were pleased. Their drawings were brilliant, look here 5-6yrs Gallery / 6-7yrs Gallery.


Robert & Johnson's Space Adventure has not only impressed teachers but reviewers too! With a 5 Star Rating, Kathryn Svendsen wrote a fantastic review of the story in her blog Shelf Full of Books and made the audiobook one of her 'All-time favourite children’s books of 2015'! 🌠

Book Room Reviews highly recommends this audiobook and Dawn Heslin from Bound4Escape also has lovely things to say about it.

I loved creating this Space adventure and it certainly tested me in more ways than one as a composer and sound designer! I hope you enjoy listening to it...

???? Anna Christina


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