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FX Magic Making

How sound effects are created in Music Audio Stories.

Music Audio Stories copicat image

I make my own sound effects and sometimes I find things around the studio to record! The sound of rubbing two cheesy Wotsits together is amazing! ????

Sound effects really add to the atmosphere of each adventure and I strive to create movement as much as possible. I include traditional Foley methods. Not everything you hear is prominent in the mix of my audiobooks, so there are a few more subtle sound effects in the background to listen out for. I have stories that feature the sounds of New York City, villages, forests, farms, Space, and even an Ice Hockey game! This aspect of the creation process is really fun and stretches me to use my imagination.

Some of the effects I use in my audiobooks are created using computer samples and effects units but I also make my own sounds using instruments. A machine called the Copicat was used to create the sound of my spaceship in Robert & Johnson's Space Adventure. Fantastic guitar sounds were created by Adie Hardy for the space theme in that story too!

Visit the Music Audio Stories Studios Instagram page to see some photos of recording sessions.

???? Anna Christina

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